Creating Stories, Not Just Brands.


Guiding Lights in the Design Universe

Helm Design Studio is dedicated to being a steadfast guide and resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and designers.

Our mission extends beyond design; it's about leading change and fostering a world where creativity and strategy unite.

Our vision is to navigate the ever-changing terrain of branding with innovation and expertise, offering reliable support and cutting-edge solutions in the dynamic world of brand development.

Here, in our dynamic playground, exploration and innovation in business design aren't just encouraged – they're a way of life.

Prioritising clarity and purpose in every project, ensuring that each design element aligns perfectly with the client's goals and vision.
Maintaining authenticity in our work and relationships, ensuring that every design reflects the true spirit and values of the client's brand.
Encouraging a culture of curiosity and continuous learning, both within our team and in our collaborations, to foster innovative and informed design solutions.
Recognising the power of brainstorming and creative thinking, and valuing the process of idea generation as a critical step in crafting unique and impactful designs.

From Aspiring Designer to Industry Beacon

My path began straight out of Wollongong University, where a local design agency offered me a canvas to hone my skills. Each project was a lesson in embracing imperfection and storytelling.

As the world faced unpredictable challenges, my creativity knew no bounds. This led to the birth of Helm Design Studio - a place where my passion for design, business acumen and love for automation merged to streamline brand interactions and create immersive brand experiences.

Why Helm is different

Forget the faceless agencies and the cookie-cutter solutions. I am your co-creator in this journey – blending strategy, creativity and technology to not just meet but exceed your wildest expectations.  

Specialising in branding, logo design, illustration, website design and development, with a little sprinkle of digital marketing magic. At Helm, we don't just create designs; we build holistic brand experiences bridging the gap between digital and physical realms, ensuring your brand resonates with its audience at every touchpoint.

Designing Today for Tomorrow's Success

Today, my focus is sharper than ever. I'm not just adapting to changes in the design landscape; I am leading them. My current projects reflect a fusion of creativity and strategy, where every brand story is told with authenticity and creative flair. I'm here to energise your brand, to make it not just seen but felt, in every aspect.