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McGrath Foundation


January 4, 2024

Project Overview

Challenge: In a world where digital noise is louder than ever, the McGrath Foundation sought to cut through the clutter, making the Pink Test not just an event, but a beacon of hope and unity. The objective was clear: to dramatically increase awareness and donations through a campaign that resonated deeply with a diverse audience, leveraging the combined forces of the McGrath Foundation's vision and Helm Design Studio's creative expertise.


Empower and Engage: Together, we aimed to create a campaign that went beyond traditional fundraising efforts. We sought to empower individuals and communities to take action, engaging them in a movement that symbolized hope, unity, and commitment to breast cancer support.

Strategy and Implementation

Collaborative Vision: From the outset, this was a partnership rooted in shared values and goals. The McGrath Foundation's marketing team and Helm Design Studio worked hand in hand to bring this vision to life, ensuring every piece of content, every digital interaction, was imbued with the Foundation's spirit of hope and resilience.

Innovative Digital Experience: We crafted an immersive digital experience that made supporters feel intimately connected to the cause. Real-time updates, compelling storytelling, and interactive elements were designed to engage the audience, encouraging them to become active participants in the campaign.

Creative Solutions for Maximum Impact: Our approach was to make every dollar count, focusing on innovative, cost-effective strategies that maximised reach and engagement. We used targeted social media campaigns, emotionally resonant videos, and dynamic digital content to spread the message far and wide.

  • Pre-Campaign Assets: Developed a range of assets to build anticipation and awareness leading up to the event.
  • Digital Stadium Signage: A significant achievement was the creation of all digital signage displayed throughout the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). This involved designing visually appealing and brand-consistent graphics that resonated with the event's spirit.
  • Hourly Tally Updates: Collaborated closely with the team to provide real-time fundraising updates. This required a streamlined process to ensure timely delivery of updated graphics to broadcasters and stakeholders.

  • Asset Creation: Designed a comprehensive suite of materials, including:
    – Corporate Suite Invitation
    – eDM assets
    – Pink seat graphics
    – Drink coasters
    – Email signatures
    – Merchandise posters
    – Comprehensive assets for the Pink Test Auction, including digital animated/static Google display ads and social media content
    – Volunteer wayfinding materials and tap-and-go holder designs
  • GIF Animation Suite: Designed and animated a collection of GIFs, which were then uploaded to Giphy. These GIFs provided an interactive element for users and the McGrath Foundation, allowing them to incorporate them into their Instagram stories, further amplifying the event's reach and engagement.


Unprecedented Engagement and Donations: The campaign was a triumph, achieving record-breaking engagement levels and a significant surge in donations. More than just numbers, the success of the Pink Test campaign reflected a united community's commitment to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

A Testament to the Power of Partnership: This project exemplified how collaborative creativity and shared commitment to a cause can amplify impact. The synergy between the McGrath Foundation and Helm Design Studio set a new standard for what can be achieved when we come together for a purpose greater than ourselves.

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