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October 17, 2022


Every year, International Nurses Day celebrates the unwavering commitment and care of nurses worldwide. For the McGrath Foundation, this day holds special significances as it honours the 185 (now 202) McGrath Breast Care Nurses who provide invaluable support to families impacted by breast cancer across Australia. In 2022, the McGrath Foundation aimed to not only pay tribute to these nurses but to announce their ambitious goal: to fund 250 McGrath Breast Care Nurses by 2025, aligning with the Foundation's 20th anniversary.


To create a compelling and cohesive campaign that:

  1. Honours the dedicated of McGrath Breast Care Nurses.
  2. Highlight the Foundation's commitment to expanding its network of nurses.
  3. Engages the public and corporate partners in the Foundation's mission, ensuring no one goes through breast cancer without care.


  • Artistic Collaboration: Partnered with renowned Australian street artist Sarah McCloskey to craft a visual representation that encapsulates the spirit and dedication of McGrath Breast Care Nurses.
  • Diverse Digital & Print Assets: Designed a suite of assets tailored for various platforms:
    – Website and eDM banners that capture the attention and convey the campaigns essence.
    – A corporate partner poster that allows for co-branding, ensuring all partners feel a part of the campaign while also providing space for their unique messaging.
    – An A4 print advert for Stellar Magazine, incorporating a compelling call-to-action, urging support for the Foundation's goal.
    – Social Media assets, both static and animated, optimised for feeds, ads and stories, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.
    – Print materials for event – Invitations, name tags, raffle tickets
    – Additional assets like website pop-ups, email signatures, cover images for social platforms, ensuring a consistent and pervasive campaign presence across all touchpoints.
McGrath Foundation – International Nurses Day Stella Magazine Campaign

Project Results

The International Nurses Day campaign 2022 was a harmonious blend of art, emotion and purpose. By leveraging the power of design and collaboration, the campaign successfully celebrated the invaluable work of McGrath Breast Care Nurses and rallied support for the Foundation's future goals. The campaign not only raised awareness but also reinforced the McGrath Foundation's commitment to ensuring that every individual facing breast cancer receives the care and support they deserve!

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