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Berrell Homes


September 15, 2020


Berrell Homes a luxury and innovative budding building company. With over 14 years of hands-on experience, they have carved a niche for themselves in the realm of luxury home construction. Their reputation is built on a foundation of impeccable workmanship, an unwavering attention to detail, and an unyielding commitment to turning dream homes into reality. For Berrell Homes, every project is a testament to their dedication and their refusal to compromise on quality.

The Brief

To develop a cohesive brand identity for Berrell Homes, encompassing both digital and print mediums. The challenge was to ensure that every touchpoint, from the website to the smallest promotional item, echoed the brand's ethos and commitment to luxury without compromise.

Strategy & Development:

  • Brand Strategy & Identity:
    Developed a robust brand and marketing strategy that would serve as the foundation for all subsequent design decisions.
    – Designed a bold, minimalistic brand identity in a striking black and white palette, ensuring it stands out and resonates with the luxury market.
    – Introduced an animated version of the brand identity to add dynamism to digital platforms.
  • Website Design & Evolution:
    Initiated with a basic landing page, capturing essential information and generating interest.
    • Progressed to a more content-rich website, offering detailed insights into Berrell Homes' offerings and values.
  • Print & Digital Assets:
    • Designed a range of internal documentation assets including  tender documentation, contract variation documents, colour selection documents, and many many more.
    • Conceptualised and designed package brochures, even naming the packages to enhance their appeal.
    • Created advertisements for prominent magazines like Highlife, Home + Living, and In Macarthur.
  • Promotional Materials & Signage:
    • Designed and outsourced the printing of presentation folders, business cards, construction site signage, key rings, and pens, ensuring brand consistency across all tangible touchpoints.
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Management:
    • Launched Meta campaigns to promote the brand's debut.
    • Assumed ongoing management of social media channels, curating content and ensuring regular engagement with the audience.
    • Collaborated with photographers and videographers to capture both in-progress and finished content, adding authenticity to the brand's narrative.

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Our approach

Berrell Homes was one of our very first full branding projects and we speaks luxury.
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