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January 3, 2022


The iconic Jane McGrath High Tea, which is proudly supported by HCLTech, is an integral part of the NRMA Insurance Pink Test. Held on Day 3, this event not only unites attendees in a sea of pink but also raises crucial funds to ensure that no individual navigates their breast cancer journey alone. This commitment to care is a legacy of Jane McGrath's vision in founding the McGrath Foundation. The 2023 edition of the High Tea was particularly special, with Australia facing off against the South African Proteas in the SCG.


The primary goal was to rebrand the Jane McGrath High Tea for 2023, creating a distinctive brand mark that could be seamlessly integrated across the event. Given the cricketing context against the South African Proteas, there was a unique opportunity to incorporate the Protea flower into the design. The target demographic was diverse, ranging from previous attendees and high-value supporters to media personalities, influencers and VIPs from Cricket Australia.

Understanding the Brief and Audience

Tasked with comprehending the specific requirements and goals for the Jane McGrath High Tea event, hosted by the McGrath Foundation. Required to identify and analyse the demographics of past and potential future attendees to tailor the event experience effectively.

Conducted a thorough review of the event brief, focusing on the objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes of the Jane McGrath High Tea. Undertook extensive research to understand the characteristics, preferences, and expectations of past attendees, as well as potential new attendees.


  1. Research and Mood Boards
    I initiated the design process by presenting two mood board concepts, capturing the essence and vision for the event. These mood boards were then refined to set the event's style direction.
Jane McGrath High Tea 2023 Mood Board 1

Jane McGrath High Tea 2023 Mood Board 2

  1. Brand Mark Design
    With the style direction established, a distinctive brand mark was crafted, seamlessly integrating the Protea flower, symbolising the cricketing tie-in and adding a touch of elegance.
Jane McGrath High Tea 2023 Approved Concept
  1. Design System Development
    – Tasked with creating a cohesive system that seamlessly integrated the Jane McGrath High Tea event experience across various platforms, including traditional and digital platforms. – Designed and developed a unified system that connected all aspects of the event experience. This involved aligning the event's theme, messaging, and visual elements across traditional mediums (like invitations and event decor) and digital platforms (such as social media, website, and digital signage). Ensured that all components worked together harmoniously to provide a consistent and engaging experience for attendees.
    Successfully delivered a unified event experience that was consistent across all platforms. This integration enhanced attendee engagement and interaction, leading to a more immersive and memorable event.
  1. Asset Rollout
    Once the brand mark was finalised, it was time to bring it to life across various platforms including:
    • Digital – Canva templates, digital invites, eDM assets, Powerpoint slide deck, website assets and social media assets.
    • Print – Lectern signage, bar wrap signage, A3 Posters, wayfinding signs and gift bags.

Executing the Experience

Tasked with overseeing the design team to rollout the design system and create a cohesive user experience across traditional media, the event website, social media, and a sales landing page for the Jane McGrath High Tea event.

Collaboratively led the design team in creating a range of collateral, ensuring consistency and brand alignment across all platforms. Worked closely with the McGrath Foundation's marketing and PR teams to align the event's messaging and visual identity. Facilitated cross-disciplinary collaboration, ensuring all teams were aligned and contributing effectively to the event's overall user experience.

The collaborative efforts resulted in a seamless and engaging user experience, with each platform complementing the others and reinforcing the event's brand identity.

I am super stoked that I will be partnering with the McGrath Foundation again to brand the 2024 Jane McGrath High Tea!

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