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January 1, 2022


FishSkinsAu, an emerging Australian clothing company, sought to carve out a unique space in the market with their lightweight fishing clothing and accessories. With the vision of not just being another fishing apparel brand, they aimed to encapsulate the essence of ocean adventures in their brand identity.


To design a distinctive brand suite that resonates with the oceanic and adventurous spirit of fishing enthusiasts. Additionally, to develop an online store that not only showcases their products but also provides an intuitive shopping experience for their customers.


Brand Identity Development:

  • The primary challenge was to create a brand identity that stood out yet felt familiar to the target audience.
  • Opting for a free-hand drawn typeface was a strategic decision to infuse a sense of fluidity and movement, reminiscent of ocean ripples.
  • To enhance this aesthetic, a custom ‘rope’ style brush was developed, adding depth and texture to the brand elements.

Website Design & Development:

  • Built on the Shopify platform, the website was designed with a clear user journey in mind.
  • Strategic placement of call-to-action buttons ensured optimal user engagement, guiding visitors towards making a purchase.
  • The design was complemented by FishSkinsAu's high-quality marketing materials, making the website visually appealing and cohesive with the brand's identity.

The Results

The collaboration resulted in a brand identity that truly embodies the spirit of FishSkinsAu - adventurous, fluid, and deeply connected to the ocean. The website, with its user-centric design, not only showcases the brand's unique products but also ensures a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

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